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Malmar Solution Pvt Ltd was introduced by a group of accounting and IT professionals who working all around the world, we have the best experienced team to provide excellent services that’s count us as one of the best GCC back office centre,

Malmar Solutions Back office Accounting services offers relief from the day-to-day accounting hassles. You will feel as if it is your in-house accounting department managing your complete accounting, taxation and payroll processes throughout the year…

We’ll integrate seamlessly as an extension to your business to provide a virtual accounts office readily available whenever you need us. Creating the most efficient state-of-the art work-flow possible, we leverage today’s technology and perform all activity securely online in real-time. We are sure, you will experience convenience like never before, that too at a price that’s affordable.

As a result, you’ll be free to focus all your resources on what your business does best.

You can ensure everyone you employ is involved directly in what your business does, and not in administering accounts, VAT, management reports, Tax Returns, and all the other non-profit making tasks.

We do everything at our offices, freeing up your resources and space. And you gain access to a higher level of resource and skills at a lower cost.

The main features of our back office services are:

  • Your private area with login and password protection
  • All data scanned so that you can access it 24/7 from any location
  • Preparation of management accounts
  • Firewall protected servers and encryption technology

The benefits to you are:

  • Free up your time to focus on core areas of the business
  • Rapid turnaround of information so that you can make timely decisions
  • Ensure you comply with current legislation with respect to tax and VAT
  • Always have another record of your data
  • Avoid having to employ staff and dealing with personnel issues

Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable Function is the crucial function for every company since it involves nearly all payments of an entity outside of Payroll. Malmar Solutions understands the importance of creating a strong and well implemented Accounts Payable Process so that stakeholders get accurate and complete financial statements. Our strong and well managed Accounts Payable Process ensures efficient and effective handling of process within defined SLA & TAT. Our solutions are flexible and can be customized as per need, budget and complexities involved.

Malmar Solution provides technology driven and process oriented end to end Accounts Payable solutions to the clients, which empowers them to focus on their core business.

Kindly check our Accounts Payable solution offered below by Malmar Solution, will help you understand the seamless and independent approach followed by our Accounts Payable team.

Our Accounts Payable solutions offer unparalleled benefits to client as mentioned below:

  • Efficient & effective handling of process within defined Service Agreement & TAT
  • Sharing of periodic Scorecards & Dashboards to management
  • Standardized Process and adequate Internal Controls
  • Quality Assurance
  • Escalations to handle exceptions
  • Scheduled reviews and meetings with client to fill any gaps

Accounts Receivable

Malmar Solution present a wide spectrum of receivable outsourcing services and also offer a business enterprise with the much needed flexibility and choice of outsourcing a part or all of their receivable accounts’ functions to us. We employ robust automated processes and adhere to the best industry practices for providing leading edge Accounts Receivable services. Our extensive experience coupled with functional specializations and project management expertise ensures that our clients receive the best value for their investments. Our accounting and bookkeeping professionals are proficient with variegated financial services software and have a detailed understanding of almost all major financial systems. We provide our Accounts Receivable services to clients from all across the world including customers from GCC, USA, Australia and UK. Our all-embracing end to end solutions encompass the following services:

  • We assist clients in branding their invoices in diverse accounting packages from client software so that the sale invoices / billing statements can directly be issued from the software when needed.
  • After having the invoices approved from our clients, we even email the same to their customers.
  • We update accounts regularly with cash and credit sales transactions.
  • For regular monitoring and better decision making, we frequently bring to your notice the periodic reports of accounts receivable services. Ongoing monitoring ensures that every account receives its due handling.
  • We maintain the receivable ledger accounts fully updated and in systematic formats which can assist you in comparing and analysing customer accounts to ensure precision and accuracy.
  • In case of overdue accounts, we prepare periodic ageing analysis of the customers for taking up corrective measures.
  • In terms of accuracy and security, we lay distinctive and matchless focus.

Our dedicated, responsive and highly trained team of experts ensures complete customer satisfaction with Accounts Receivable services. They are efficiently trained for effectively settling and managing customer discrepancies and disputes. Our inventive services are second to none. While working with us, you can avail the following benefits:

    We can plan out and execute customized account handling processes for managing accounts receivable services completely based upon the customer relationship strategy which you employ. We design inbound and outbound plans for managing receivables of our clients.
  • We warrant better cash flows by means of lowered irrecoverable customer balances and effective receivables monitoring.
  • Easy access to data and documents.
  • Improved customer loyalty by means of quality assurance processes as well as problem solving approaches.
  • Improved flexibility and speed.
  • We can manage your A/R cycle at a much reduced cost while still maintaining quality paradigms and meeting the highest international standards.

GCC VAT Implementation and Submission

With Malmar Solution, you have a complete experienced team of VAT and ZAKAT Specialists.

We provide complete tax planning and preparation solutions, thus minimizing your tax liability which is our main objective and it all begins with consistent planning. Our expert team of accountants will assess your current situation and help you implement tax saving strategies and processes to guarantee you’re taking full advantage of all the latest tax laws that affect you and your business while keeping you in compliance with the Govt Tax Dept.

We will:

  • Offer guidance on business decisions made throughout the year that will impact annual tax liability.
  • Employ strategies that will allow you to adjust revenue and/or expenses to another year, taking advantage of a lower tax rate.
  • Assist you on entity selection for your new business to maximize available tax planning strategies.
  • Evaluate all tax entries before submitting to government
  • E-file your VAT returns for increased convenience and efficiency.


With Malmar Solution, your Payroll Processing will be completely Stress Free!!!

Outsourcing the payroll function means smart business, the reason is that it simply eliminates a time-consuming, administrative task that actually takes away your time and attention from more important business matters. Malmar Solution has in-house payroll experts who can precisely address all your payroll needs. We are always focussed to keep you in compliance with the IFRS through up-to-date quarterly and annual payroll taxes and reporting.

  • Outsourcing this service proves to be a real cost saver, as it eliminates your need for specialized staff and an internal payroll system.
  • We offer a paperless beginning-to-end workflow by simply submitting your payroll data and receiving documents online.
  • Compliance is certain. We remain up-to-date on the constantly changing payroll rules.
  • Your employees will enjoy having full online access to all their pay information
  • You receive peace of mind knowing that our payroll specialists are on the job. No worries on your end.

Employee Reimbursement System

Malmar Solution doing unique and comprehensive approaches for Employee’s Reimbursement work through MNCs. Our work are the most structured and complete program available.

Reimbursement of Employee bills for Travel, Hotel, Conveyance, Medical, Telephone bills & others

  • Enables business to concentrate on core business activities.
  • Use of manpower for more important functions
  • Investment in fixed assets reduced/minimized.
  • Substantial Savings in Cost.
  • Services of experts made available.
  • Improved Internal Controls
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities to provide more timely and accurate financial data
  • Off-site Backup of Data.

Payment Processing of Employees Travel Reimbursements:-

  • Maintaining the all expenses details in “Employee Status” excel file in PC and update daily for viewing actual status of expense.
  • We prove “employee expense Tracker” on regular basis for viewing daily expense status.
  • Receiving the all expenses in concur system as per hard copy received from Employee/Company.
  • All the claims to be strictly as per the policy. But if the claims are not as per policy then quarries/requirements mail sent to employee for necessary approval.
  • If requirements not received from employee under time limit (Time limit provided by company) otherwise same would be rejected in concur and hardcopies will be sent back to employee.
  • If the expenses as per policy then approved in concur system.
  • Make the payment advice with full expense detail in “Travel Request Filed on… (Date).” (Excel Details) after concur approval.
  • All payment entry made in ERP System (Company accounting software) and match all payments entry with our travel reimbursement Bank Advice.
  • Payment requests (Soft copy) sent to Corp. Office and also expenses hardcopies to be sent to Corp. Office.

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